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Greenbyte Documentation

Wind Farm

You can check and change the settings of your windfarm including, general information of the site such as title, workflow identity, and country. It is also possible to check and update contracts information and other schemes like curtailments, revenue, ownership, etc.

Follow these steps to edit the settings of a wind farm.

  1. Go to Administrate > Wind Farms.

  2. Click Edit on the row of the wind farm you want to edit. An Edit wind farm dialog will appear.


    The Wind farm tab is displayed by default.

  3. Edit the title, identity, and country of the wind farm.

  4. Each contract type (Service, Global, and Custom) has a separate section to manage them. You can find details on how to create a new availability contract in Availability contracts.

  5. Click Add contract in any one of these sections to select a new availability contract of that type that applies to the wind farm. This will open a new form where you can select a contract, as well as the start and end date.


    For each type of contract (service, global, and custom), you cannot have more than one contract active at the same time. This feature allows you to replace an expired contract with a new one.

  6. Select the start and end dates of each availability contract.

  7. Click Add to add the contract.

  8. Select the Contractual Year date from the drop-down list. This date will define the start date of the operational/reporting year for the wind farm.

  9. Click Add Scheme to add one or more curtailment schemes to the wind farm.


    • Select the curtailment scheme that applies to the wind farm from the list next to Period 1. You can find details on how to create a new curtailment scheme at Curtailment.

    • You cannot have more than one curtailment scheme apply to a wind farm at the same time. Start dates and end dates of different curtailment schemes may not overlap.


    Please note that applying or deleting a curtailment scheme from a wind farm's settings will trigger new calculations across the system.

  10. Select the revenue scheme which should apply to the wind farm. You can add multiple revenue schemes, but the dates may not overlap.

  11. In the ownership section, click Add ownership percentage. Add an organization, start and end date, and a percentage of the total ownership for a time period. Click Add to add the ownership percentage to the wind farm.


    • Total ownership for a time period cannot exceed more than 100%.

    • If no end date is defined then the defined ownership period and percentage will not end.

  12. Select the available WTSR from the drop-down list.

  13. Click Upload image to upload an image for the wind farm. This image will be used as the default front-page picture for the wind farm reports.

  14. In the Devices section, you can see the turbines of the wind farm. You can find details on how to edit a turbine in the Edit a wind turbine section.

  15. Click Save.