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Greenbyte Documentation

Wind farm

Follow these steps to edit the settings for individual wind farms in Analyze > Wind farms.

  1. Go to Analyze > Wind farms.

  2. Click on the name of the wind farm you want to view.

  3. Click Wind farm settings in the top right corner. An Update wind farm dialog will appear.

  4. The Wind farm tab is displayed by default.

  5. Edit the title and identity of the wind farm.

  6. Select the availability contract that applies to the wind farm from the list next to Period 1. You can find details on how to create a new availability contract in the Set up an Availability Contract section.

  7. Click Add contract to select more than one availability contract that applies to the site.

  8. Select the start and end dates of each availability contract.

  9. Select the contract start date from the drop down list. This date will define the start date of the operational/reporting year for the site.

  10. Select the WTSR which applies to the wind farm (if applicable).

  11. Click Upload image to upload an image for the wind farm. This image will be used as the default front page picture for the wind farm reports.

  12. In the Devices section, you can see the devices of the wind farm. You can find details on how to edit a wind turbine in the Edit a Wind Turbine section.

  13. Click Save.