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A significant amount of energy in wind farms is lost due to component failures. But how much? And which components account for the most lost energy? Do older turbines have more lost energy due to component failures than new ones? Can you take action to reduce the amount of lost energy? Can service contracts be structured differently? Taxonomy helps you answer these questions.

When a turbine is not producing energy, it generates a status event code that often indicates a cause. Taxonomy provides an extra categorization layer to status code events, based on turbine components. Each status code event can be linked to a component. By default, the taxonomy is based on RDS-PP (Reference Designation System for Power Plants), but you can add additional custom taxonomies.

Taxonomy ties in with the methods to calculate and quantify downtime in Greenbyte. You can choose how to calculate lost energy - such as nacelle anemometer with learned power curve, reference turbine, or a cascade of various methods. The quantification is then used to calculate lost energy per component. Utilizing a standard taxonomy across your portfolio enables you to analyze lost energy at various levels within the portfolio, such as for the full portfolio, per geography, per OEM, per wind farm, per wind turbine etc.

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Taxonomy is an add-on to the Greenbyte Platform. To purchase the add-on or to learn more, please go to the Greenbyte Marketplace.