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Site access notifications

Site access notifications can be generated for site access that is linked to a task.

The following requirements need to be fulfilled to receive site access notifications:

  1. A task is linked to the site access.

  2. The linked task has notifications enabled (notifications are enabled by default).

  3. A recipient for task notifications is specified in Administrate > Tasks.

Notifications for site access are sent when site access is:

  • Created: An email will be sent to the specified when site access is linked to a task.

  • Overdue: An email will be sent to the specified recipient when the site access is overdue (the expected end time has passed).

Follow these steps to configure the site access notifications.

  1. Go to Administrate > Tasks.

  2. Go down to the Task notifications section. Click Edit on the Site Access section.

  3. Select the recipient from the list.


    Specify an email address if you want to notify a recipient via email.

  4. Click Save.


    An email for overdue site access can save lives. That is why we recommend always setting up site access notifications to an email inbox that is constantly monitored. To receive site access notifications for site accesses that are not linked to a specific task, it is recommended to create a generic task (i.e. “Site Access Notification task”) that spans a long time frame and is never resolved with activated notifications. In the case that site access has no associated task, select the generic task as default to ensure that you still receive emails for site accesses.