Greenbyte Documentation


The Revenue module makes it possible for users to monitor, analyze, and report on the revenue generated by their assets in Greenbyte.

Energy market prices come in different forms and models. Some of the energy prices are fixed, like Feed in Tariffs (FiTs) and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs); while others, like Market prices, are variable. For the most part, energy is bought and sold using multiple combinations of fixed and variable energy prices. This creates complications for how to accurately assess the revenue being generated by assets based on their pricing model over a mixed model portfolio.

Greenbyte makes it easy to reflect and manage different energy pricing mechanisms through Revenue schemes. A Revenue scheme is a blueprint for the associated energy pricing mechanism per MWh. You can create one or many Revenue schemes for fixed prices and variable market prices at the site level. Revenue data can be added to a variety of KPIs and are available in dashboard widgets and reports.