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Production-Based Availability (inverter normalized)

This signal gives the production-based availability of a solar asset using the inverter normalizing calculation method.

Inverter-normalized Production-based Availability takes into account Lost Production to Performance and Lost Production during site Downtime using metadata (DC and AC Rated Capacity) and signals (DC and AC Actual Power).

The performance of one inverter is evaluated against the best performing inverters on the site. The assumption is that whatever the best performing inverters on a site are producing is indicative of what the other inverters should be able to do.

All other calculation methods in Greenbyte calculate potential power for each inverter individually using environmental and metadata inputs, without any comparison.


This signal is based on energy produced at the grid meter, which can also be expressed as the sum of each inverter’s effective power. This signal should not be confused with Production-based System Availability (inverter).






Ap,inv.norm is the production-based availability (inverter normalized)

Eeffective is effective power converted to energy

ELP,total is the total lost production (inverter normalized)



Usage example

Here plotted in data studio, together with the effective power and total lost production (inverter normalized). The data is aggregated for a site.