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Greenbyte Documentation

Predict recommendations

Predict has a recommendation system which provides maintenance recommendations and learns from the feedback submitted by users.

The system generates a recommendation when a Predict alert is triggered.

The recommendation is able to be viewed on the Details page of a Predict alert. To view the Predict recommendations, click View on the row of the Predict alert you want to see the recommendations for.

The recommendation states the affected component, the recommended action to fix the issue, and the confidence level of the recommendation based on historical data and user feedback.


User feedback is anonymized in the Predict system and is used to help teach the system how to give the best possible recommendations.

  1. To give your feedback, click Resolve on the Details page of a Predict alert. A Feedback dialog will appear.

  2. Select whether the alert was correct.

  3. Choose which action was taken from the drop-down menu.

  4. Add any additional comments you may have about the alert.

  5. Select which component was affected.

  6. Click Resolve.


As users give feedback on the actions they take to fix a problem, the Predict system will know what to recommend as a fix the next time a similar alert is triggered.

The confidence level also increases as more users submit their feedback to the system.

When a recommendation has not been fetched yet, a “Recommendation pending” message will appear.