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Power Curve - Power Curve Analyzer

Shows a chart that plots the default power curve, the best fit, and the learned power curve.

  • Optional: scatter plot can be switched on and off.

Click on the list of devices on the top left to hide or unhide graph lines.

Hover over the chart to show more information.


  • In the Analyze widget extension (with the Show Scatter option enabled) and the graphs in Data Studio, a maximum of 100 000 scatter points can be displayed.

  • If there are multiple aggregates, each aggregate series gets a maximum of (100 000 / Number of aggregates) points.

  • If there are more than 100 000 scatter points in the series, the points are ordered by date, the early points are skipped, and the last scatter points are plotted up to the maximum amount and displayed. This will be indicated in the legend and you will see that the label for the truncated series will show "...(points after xxxx-xx-xx)".





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