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Potential Power Performance Ratio (Inverter)

This calculation gives the potential power for an inverter given the total panel area, efficiency, irradiance and performance ratio. It also includes the ability to take degradation factor and irradiance cut-in into account.

Reference irradiance is used to calculate potential power by taking the average performance ratio for the hour before the time step, multiplying that with the irradiance in the time step and the effective panel area, defined as PanelArea * PanelYield / 100. Potential power is clamped to 0 as to not become negative.

If the inverter has cut-in defined, any time steps where irradiance is lower than cut-in will not give any potential power. Further, if degradation factor and commissioning date exist, they will apply to the time step to reduce the potential power (see calculation below).





L = latency

tr = the time data was received in Greenbyte

ta = the time data was available in the device



Usage example