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Performance Ratio Production Meter/ Grid Meter

The Performance Ratio for meters is an aggregated metric of the solar PV system. It compares the meter’s actual energy to the sum of all inverters connected to that meter's potential energy for when irradiance is above cut-in. The Performance Ratio can be used to find sites, sub-sites, and inverters that under-perform during normal operation.

Required metadata fields:

  • Performance Irradiance Cut-In (for meter)

  • Performance Irradiance Cut-In (for reference inverters / inverters in the site)





Ee is Energy Export Meter / Energy Export GMS Meter (whichever is available)

Ppotential_iis Cascading Potential Power for inverter i

I is the average Solar Irradiance Reference Meter for Inverters

Icut-in is the metadata field Performance Irradiance Cut-In (for meter)

Icut-in_i is the metadata field Performance Irradiance Cut-In (for inverter i)

T is the device resolution in hours.

Etheoretical assumes 10-minute data. For other device resolutions, the denominator will be different.



Usage example