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Ownership percentages

Many sites are shared between different owners, so it is possible to view KPIs based on each owners percentage of ownership. For example, if an owner has a 20% stake in site, they will want to see dashboards and reports that show production and performance KPIs based on that 20% stake instead of seeing numbers for the entire site.

Once you have defined the ownership for a wind farm or site, you can filter widgets on dashboards and in reports by owner so that you can get a view of the KPIs for each owner.

Setting up ownership percentages requires three steps:

  1. Add the organizations that are owners.

  2. Define the ownership percentages for the site or wind farm.

  3. Use the Ownership field in the widget settings on your dashboards and in reports to view data based on ownership percentage.

Ownership percentages are available for the following widgets:

Average over time

Average per bin

Counter over time

Dirty dozen

Energy comparison

Executive summary

Key Metrics

Lost production per category pie

Lost production per category

Lost production summary

Signal bar table

Signal table

Signal value

Status log

Sum over time

Sum per bin

Time series table