Greenbyte Documentation

Lost Production

Lost production (LP) is used to measure how much production is lost to stops or underperformance. Lost production is normally only calculated for unavailable time, so it heavily depends on the availability metric. There are two exceptions: Lost Production to Performance and Lost Production Total. These include lost production when the asset is considered available. Since there are multiple availability calculations, there are also multiple lost production calculations.

Greenbyte uses three different ways to calculate lost production:

Lost Production Based on System Availability metrics:

Lost Production Based on Time-Based Availability metrics:

  • LP Based on Contractual Availability

  • LP Based on Time-Based Operational Availability (IEC B.2.2)

  • LP Based on Time-Based Operational Availability Calm (IEC B.2.3)

  • LP Based on Time-Based Turbine Operational Availability (IEC B.2.4)

  • LP Based on Time-Based Technical Availability (IEC B.3.2)

Lost Production Based on Production-Based Availability metrics:

  • LP for Production-Based System Operational Availability (IEC B.2.2)

  • LP for Production-Based Turbine Operational Availability (IEC B.2.3)

  • LP for Production-Based Technical Availability (IEC B.3.2)