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Lost Production to Performance (Turbine)

This signal calculates the energy production that a turbine would produce in good normal operating conditions. The lost production to performance indicates the energy that the turbine is losing compared to a reference power curve highlighting potential performance-related issues. The lost production to performance shows the difference between actual energy production and the production using a reference power curve.

The power curve used for the calculations of lost production to performance can be:

  • Learned power curve

  • Default manufacturer power curve

The periods used to calculate lost production to performance correspond to the timestamps where the time-based system availability is 100% (turbine available) and there is no curtailment status.

Lost Production is the difference between potential energy and actual energy. It is possible to configure when Time-based System Availability is available.




To determine if there is any lost production we look at the time-based system availability. If the availability is 100%, all lost production during a timestamp will be attributed to performance. The potential energy is calculated using the cascading potential power for performance, which ignores the values of reference turbines. For more information, check Cascading Potential Power for Performance.

Unlike Lost Production to Downtime, Lost production to performance can have negative values. This occurs when the actual energy is higher than the potential energy.


Potential energy could be lower if the power values in the default power curve are lower than the ones measured in the turbine SCADA system for a given wind speed. It is important to remember that a default power curve from the manufacturer was created under different measurement conditions. In addition, we should consider wind speed measurements uncertainty and air density changes affecting the calculations. Therefore, a more detailed root cause analysis might be necessary to figure out the reason behind the negative values of lost production to performance.

Lost Production to Performance (Turbine) - Equation.png



is Lost Production to Performance


is Time-based System AvailabilityTime-based System Availability


is a curtailment status that exists for the timestep


is the potential energy production, clamped to the positive part


is the actual energy production, clamped to the positive part Energy or Power with fallback


is the Cascading Potential Power for Performance


is the device resolution in hours.


is Power


is Energy export

Lost Production to Performance (Turbine) - Inputs.png
Usage Example

In this example, we can observe that as long as the time-based system availability is zero, no lost production to performance is calculated. At the timestamp, in which the turbine gets a time-based system availability of 100%, see Figure 1, the platform provides a value for lost production to performance as observed in Figure 2.

Figure 5. Time-based System Availability of the Enewald 1 Turbine
Time-based System Availability of the Enewald 1 Turbine

Figure 6. Lost Production to Performance of the Enewald 1 Turbine
Lost Production to Performance of the Enewald 1 Turbine