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Lost production to performance (inverter normalized)

This estimates the lost production due to inverter under-performance by comparing the denormalized power with the effective power for each inverter.

This signal is used as part of the inverter-normalized calculation method. Therefore, the Lost Production to Performance (inverter normalized) signal will return a 0 value only if the entire site is offline (i.e. if grid meter based availability equals 0).

If an inverter is offline while any other inverters at the site are online, the offline inverter’s lost production will still be allocated to Lost Production to Performance (inverter normalized).


If there are several grid meters at the site, the site will be considered down only if all grid meters are unavailable. This means that the Lost Production to Performance (inverter normalized) returns 0 as long as all the grid meters have a grid meter based availability below 1.

Negative values are not allowed.






Elost,performance is the Lost Production to Performance (inverter normalized)

Pdenorm is the denormalized power

Peffective is the effective power

Agridmeter is the grid meter based availability

T is the device resolution in hours



Usage example

Here plotted in data studio