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Lost Production to Performance (Inverter Normalized)

This signal, used as part of the Production-Based Availability (Inverter Normalized) calculation method, estimates the lost production due to inverter under-performance by comparing the Denormalized Power (Potential Power) with the Effective Power (Actual Power) for each inverter:


If set, the Underperformance threshold (%) metadata field (Inverter metadata 36) will be used to determine if the inverter is really underperforming. That will be done by comparing the inverter’s Normalized Power with its Reference Normalized Power. For more information, see Equation. If the threshold is not met, the Lost production to Performance (inverter normalized) will return 0.




Not to be confused with Lost Production to Performance (Inverter) (ID 3224).

This inverter signal is dependent on all inverters mapped to the same Primary meter.

Negative values are not allowed.

In order for this signal to have a value, it must follow the Rules for Rules for Referencing Devices that concern Primary meter mapping and that Denormalized power and Effective power have values.

The Lost production to Performance (inverter normalized) signal will return a 0 value only if all those inverters are offline, that is, if the primary meter’s Energy meter-based availability equals 0.

If the inverter is offline while any other of those inverters are online, the offline inverter’s lost production will still be allocated to Lost production to Performance (inverter normalized).

Optional metadata fields:

  • Underperformance threshold (%) (Inverter metadata 36)




is the Lost production to Performance (inverter normalized), clamped to the positive part


is the inverter’s Underperformance threshold (%) (Inverter metadata 36)


is the Normalized Power


is the Reference Normalized Power


is the Energy Meter-Based Availability of the primary meter


is the Denormalized Power


is the Effective Power


is the device resolution in hours

Usage Example

Here are graphs for two inverters showing Lost Production to Performance together with Lost Production to Downtime, when the inverters are underperforming compared to the top 50% of performers:


The Energy meter based availability shows that the meter is available, with the Lost Production due to Performance being the difference between the Effective Power and Denormalized Power lines:


Since the Production-based Availability (Inverter Normalized) calculation has the option to include an Underperformance threshold, the amount of Lost Production to Performance registered will vary according to the threshold set. The Underperformance threshold (%) can be adjusted in Administrate/Devices and then click on the menu next to the desired inverter > Edit > Metadata tab:


An Underperformance threshold of 80% is common for most customers, so if the Lost Production to Performance has a reading of 0, this may be because the losses are too small to be registered, that is, less than 20%.

The following graph shows that with a lower threshold, some of the Lost Production to Performance will not be counted:


If we wish to drill into the detail of when the inverter had high or low performance, we should build two line graphs. The following figure shows the energy figure of the Lost Production to Performance:


The following figure shows the data in terms of power. The difference between Denormalized Power and Effective Power, once multiplied by time, gives us our Lost Production to Performance figure: