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Lost Production to Downtime (Turbine)

Lost production to downtime quantifies the production losses during turbine stops. The duration of the turbine stops is defined using the time-based system availability. If the turbine is Unavailable (time-based system availability is 0%), a lost production to downtime is calculated. Lost production to downtime corresponds to the difference between potential production and actual production. It is possible to configure the lost production to downtime based on contract conditions if we define a contract for the wind farm under analysis.




To determine if there is any lost production at all, we look at the time-based availability. To determine lost production to downtime, we look at time-based system availability. If the availability is less than 100%, all lost production during that time step will be attributed to downtime. For example, a time step (10-minutes) with 53% availability will get 100% of the lost production. The reasons for this:

  • Time-based availability has a resolution depending on the device resolution (normally 10-minute), while the status events have a higher resolution (seconds).

  • All lost production during the time step is most likely from the status causing it to be unavailable.


For a single time step, lost production is defined as:




is Lost Production to Downtime, clamped to the positive part.


is Time-based System Availability.


is potential energy production, clamped to the positive part.


is the Energy or Power with fallback, clamped to the positive part.


is Cascading Potential Power - Wind.


is the device resolution in hours.

Usage Example

Shows Lost Production to Downtime in the Dirty dozen widget in Data Studio to see what status events have caused the most lost production during a given time.


Shows Lost Production to Downtime in the Status log widget to see how much Lost Production a single status has caused.


Shows Lost Production to Downtime in the key metrics widget to get an overview of the Total Lost Production for the portfolio or a site during a period.