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Lost Production Based on Time-Based Availability

For lost production calculations that are based on time-based availability, lost production is calculated asTime-Based Availability

Equation 7. 
Eli=0 if PaiPpiE_{li}=0\text{ if }P_{ai}\geP_{pi}

Equation 8. 
Otherwise Eli=16(1-Ati100)(Ppi-Pai)\text{Otherwise }E_{li}=\frac{1}{6}\left(1-\frac{A_{ti}}{100}\right)\left(P_{pi}-P_{ai}\right)


Eli is the lost production for a 10-minute period

At is the time-based availability.

1/6 is used to convert power (W) to energy (Wh). For a longer period of time lost production is calculated as

Equation 9. 

where n is the number of 10-minute periods.