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Greenbyte Documentation

Generate a report

Follow these steps to generate a report.

  1. Go to Share > Reports.

  2. Click Generate Report in the top right corner. A Generate Report dialog will appear.

  3. Select a previously configured report template from the list and click Load. The format and chapters from the template will be automatically applied.

  4. Enter a title for the report.

  5. Select which devices should be included in the report.

  6. Select the time interval for the report. The default time interval covers the last month.

  7. Select the ownership organizations you want to show on the report. If no organization is selected, all will be shown.

  8. The system generates default report sections. Click Add a section to add more sections.

  9. The selected sections are added to the sections list and are marked as Added in the list.


    You need to refresh the list after adding a section to see it marked as "added."

  10. Click Delete in the section row if you want to delete a section.

  11. Click Delete All at the top right corner of Sections if you want to delete all sections.

  12. Drag the sections up or down the list to reorder them.

  13. Click Options in the section row to change the section settings. You can change the following settings if they differ from the default settings: time interval, data aggregate, data resolution, split graphs, and chapter specific settings.

  14. Select a logo image from the list.

  15. Click Upload new logo from the list if you want to upload a new logo image. Click Browse and choose the image you want to upload.

  16. Go to Edit a site to learn how to add a custom photo of a solar site to the cover of the report. Go to Wind Farm to learn how to add a custom photo of a wind farm to the cover of the report.

  17. Select the report language.

  18. Select the viewing and editing permissions for the report.

  19. Click Edit & Preview to see the draft of the report.

  20. Edit the headers and text fields by clicking on the arrow on the left side of the section. Select Edit text/header and enter your changes. Click Save.

  21. Click Generate Report.

  22. Go to the list of reports to find the generated report. Click Download to export your pdf report.


    You are able to edit your report after generating it. Follow the instructions in Edit a report to edit.