Greenbyte Documentation


You can filter the data shown in Data Studio for periods when certain conditions are met. Follow the steps below to configure the filters in Data Studio.

  1. Go to Analyze > Data Studio.

  2. Click the Options list at the top of Data Studio.

  3. Select Filters.


    Here are the power curve filter options and what they do:

    Periods with active status: For every data point with both windspeed and power data, filter out all windspeed data which occurs during a Stop or Curtailment.

    Periods with high and low wind speeds: Filter out all wind speed data less than (cut-in - 0.25) m/s, or more than the cut-out. Default, without power curve data, use cut-in=2 m/s and cut-out 25 m/s.

    Periods with low or no power output: For every data point with both wind speed and power data, filter out power data with less than 20% of the potential power.

    Periods with start-up and shut-down: Filter out all power values less than 0.

    Outliers: For every data point with both wind speed and power data, create a power curve point with windspeed rounded to nearest 0.25 bin.

    For each bin, if power data exists both above and below its median, filter out the power data outside a lower and upper limit:

    Lower limit = median(power below median) - 20% * Median diff  Upper limit = median(power above median) + 20% * Median diff where Median diff = median(power above median) - median(power below median)

  4. Select a signal upon which the filter should be based.

  5. Specify the range of values that you wish to filter for.


    You can leave either the upper or lower value boundaries empty to obtain an unbound limit in either direction.

  6. Click Update to apply your filters.