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Greenbyte Documentation

Filter status categorization

Follow these steps to filter the statuses in your status log in Monitor > Status Categorization.

  1. Go to Monitor > Status Categorization.

  2. There are a series of filter options in the top-right corner.

  3. Set the time for the statuses you want to view. The available options are All time, Last 7 days, Last month, Last year, and Custom interval.

  4. Select the devices for which you want to show statuses. All devices are selected by default.

  5. Click the Filters field to filter by status types, codes, IEC contract, service contract, global contract, custom contract, only overrides, and status duration. Enable the Only display currently active status events toggle if you want to only display currently active events. The toggle is disabled by default. With the toggle before each type of contract, you control if the column is visible, as well as if it is part of the filter.

  6. Click Filter to apply your filter selections.