Greenbyte Documentation

Export Data

Follow these steps to export your data.

  1. Go to Share > Export Data.

  2. Click Export Data in the top right corner. An Export Data dialog will appear.


    You can either manually enter the settings for your data export or select an Export template from the list and click Load.

  3. Enter a title for the data export.

  4. Select the time interval for the data you want to export.

  5. Select the devices for the data export.

  6. Select how you want to aggregate the data. If you aggregate by Site or Portfolio you cannot set the Device resolution. If Device resolution is selected, you canot aggregate by Site or Portfolio.

  7. Select the signals you want to display in the data export. You can either select all available signals or select specific signals individually.

  8. Select One file per device to receive separate data files for each device or One file for all devices to receive one combined data file for all devices.

  9. Enable the Include status file toggle if you want to export status events with your data.

  10. Select the data resolution.

  11. Enter what should be displayed in the Error Value file if no value is available. This is set to NaN (not a number) by default.

  12. Click Export Data. Your data is now being exported and will be available for download in a few minutes.

  13. Click Download in the row of the data export.