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Greenbyte Documentation


Greenbyte allows you to calculate your loss for wind energy production during einspeisemanagement reduction events. The einspeisemanagement feature supports lost production calculations and calculation reports and allows for you to easily and quickly calculate your expected compensation.


Einspeisemanagement status codes are found at Administrate > Curtailment and einspeisemanagement events are entered at Plan > Downtime.

Follow these steps to configure your einspeisemanagement in Share > Einspeisemanagement.

  1. Go to Share > Einspeisemanagement.

  2. Select which devices you want to view in the top right corner. All devices are selected by default.

  3. Select the time period for which you want to see your einspeisemanagement events. The available options are Last 7 days, Last month, Last year, and Custom interval. The last month is selected by default.

  4. Click Reset to restore the default settings.

  5. Click Filter to apply your new settings.