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Data Availability (Turbine)

Data availability verifies if wind speed and power are available for an observed time stamp. If one of these two signals is missing, we will get a data availability of 0%. If both are available, we will get a data availability of 100%. Data availability is calculated at intervals of 10 minutes. Wind speed and power are used to check data availability because they are mandatory for availability calculations and other important KPIs, such as lost production and performance index.




If the observed data availability resolution is less than 10 minutes, then the platform will take an average of the 10 minutes data values within that time interval. For example, if we want to check hourly values and the turbine had 0% for the first half-hour and 100% for the second half-hour, the hourly data availability will be 50%.


For a single time step (for example, 10 minutes):

Data Availability (Turbine) - Equation.png



is the Data availability


is the Wind speed


is the Power


Create a Data Quality monitor dashboard with widgets based on data availability to get an overview of any communication issues.

Data Availability (Turbine) - Usage Example 1.png

Use Data Studio to plot Data Availability for a site over a month to get an overview of how much data is available.

Data Availability (Turbine) - Usage Example 2.png

Add Data Availability to widgets on Analyze dashboards to know how much data the KPIs are based on.

Data Availability (Turbine) - Usage Example 3.png