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Greenbyte Documentation

Create new personnel

Follow these steps to add a new person to your personnel list.

  1. Go to Plan > Personnel.

  2. Click Add New Personnel in the top right corner. An Add personnel dialog will appear.

  3. Enter the first and last name of the person (mandatory).

  4. Select the organization for which the person works. If the organization is not listed, follow the instructions at Add organization to add a new organization.

  5. Enter the email address.

  6. Enter the phone number.

  7. Enter the mobile phone number.

  8. Click Add New Qualification.

  9. Select the manufacturer and qualification levels from the lists.

  10. Repeat Step 8 if you want to add more than one qualification.

  11. Click Add New Site Induction.

  12. Choose the site that the person has been inducted in from the list.

  13. Choose the expiration date of the site induction from the date picker. Upon expiration, the site induction ceases to be valid and the person will need a reinduction.

  14. Repeat Steps 11 and 12 to add more than one site induction.

  15. Click Save.