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Cascading Potential Power - Solar

Cascading Potential Power (PCP) uses a potential power order to attempt to fill as many time steps as possible with potential power data. This is done by cascading through the potential power signals in the order defined by the potential power order.

There are two sub-types of Cascading Potential Power:

  • Performance

  • Contractual

Cascading Potential Power

Used for any signal where we require potential power, for example, Lost Production Downtime, where that signal is not related to contracts or performance. This uses the potential power order assigned to the device. If none is specified, it will use the order that is configured as the default for the portfolio.



Used for all performance calculations, for example, Lost production to Performance. This uses the same order as the normal PCP calculation but it excludes Potential Power Highest Inverter and Potential Power Reference Inverters. Since the performance index is not about the other inverters, but how it is performing out of its conditions.


  • PCP - Cascading Potential Power - 3226

  • PCP,contract - Cascading Potential Power Contractual - 3227

  • PCP,perf - Cascading Potential Power Performance - 3273




Any potential power can be added in a potential power order: