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Greenbyte Documentation


Follow these steps to update the budget for your additional devices in Analyze > Devices.

  1. Go to Analyze > Devices.

  2. Click Device settings in the top right corner. An Update device dialog will appear.

  3. Click the Budget tab at the top of the dialog. The Device tab is displayed by default.

  4. Select the budget year you want to apply. The current year is selected by default.

  5. Select the budget category you want to apply. The Default budget category is selected by default. Follow the instructions in Add a budget category if you want to add more budget categories to the list.

  6. Enable the Use degradation factor toggle if you want to override the yearly budget numbers and apply the degradation factor for the device.

  7. Enter the energy production values for every month in the respective fields. The total annual budget figure is automatically displayed in the bottom of the list and the monthly values are also displayed in a comprehensive bar chart.

  8. Click Save.