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Available Capacity for Production (Planned)

The Available Capacity for Production (Planned) presents how much power a turbine is capable of producing at the given time assuming ideal wind conditions and turbine availability. The turbine’s availability is determined by planned downtime (managed in the Greenbyte Platform), so the turbine is considered available except for periods of planned downtime, when it is considered unavailable. When available it is assumed to produce at the maximum of its effective power curve. In periods of planned downtimes it is assumed to be unable to produce.

Since the Time-based System Availability (Planned) input to this signal is available for future intervals (future planned downtime for upcoming repairs, maintenance, or other reasons), Available Capacity for Production (Planned) is also available for time periods in the future. This information is often needed by electricity trading departments so that they know what to expect and when to buy energy from other sources in order to meet demand.


Wind: Turbine



Pavailable, planned

is the planned available capacity for production (power)


is the maximum power value from the conditional power curve (MPC)

ATS, planned

is the Time-based System Availability (Planned) for turbines