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Greenbyte Documentation

API Keys


You can export data from Greenbyte through the Application Programming Interface (API). The API allows you to access data using a set of individual calls. By using the API, it is possible to poll Greenbyte for real-time data and status information for your assets. The API can be used to integrate with third-party services as it allows services to read data directly from Greenbyte in real-time.

For details on how to use the API, go to the Greenbyte Developer Portal.

All requests to the Greenbyte API need to include an API key. The Greenbyte API uses the API key to determine which resources can be accessed.

Go to Share > API Keys to view and manage your API keys. The page shows a list of the existing API keys that you have permission to view. In addition to the key itself, you can see a free-text comment describing the key and the name of the user who created it.