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Greenbyte Documentation

Aggregating Data

The signal documentation describes how signals are calculated for a single time step. To view the data on other time intervals the data needs to be aggregated. There are two different ways this can be done.


For “normal” signals, aggregation is just an average or a sum of the value for each time step within the requested interval. For example, the average Availability for a month would simply be the average Availability of all time steps during the month. How this is done when the device and source resolutions don’t match up exactly is described in Resolution Conversion.

Resolution Dependent

For “resolution dependant signals” or resolution signals the calculation is made for the specified resolution. If data is requested for a month the calculation will be done for that month.

A signal will be a resolution signal if:

  • Its formula contains a quote with another signal as the denominator.

  • It is not calculated in the Device resolution and it is dependent on another resolution signal

For example, the formula for Performance Index is:


But the Performance Index is not calculated per time step, but for the full month with n time steps the formula looks like: