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Greenbyte Documentation

Add new HSE incident

Follow these steps to add a new Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) incident.

  1. Go to Plan > HSE.

  2. Click Add Incident in the top right corner. A Report HSE Incident dialog will appear.

  3. Select the assets for which the HSE incident is related.

  4. Select the date the HSE incident occurred.

  5. Select the category which best applies to the HSE incident. The available options are Accident, Near miss, Hazard observation, and Environmental.

  6. Enable the Resolved toggle if the necessary actions for the HSE incident have been completed. The Resolved toggle is disabled by default.

  7. Enable the Lost Time Injury toggle if there was lost time associated with the HSE incident. The Lost Time Injury toggle is disabled by default.

  8. Add a description of the HSE incident.

  9. Click Save.