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Greenbyte Documentation

Add dashboard

Follow these steps to add a dashboard in Control.

  1. Go to Control > Wind Turbines. Select the wind turbine you want the dashboard to apply to.

  2. Click on the Dashboard list in the top right corner.

  3. Select Add dashboard. An Add dashboard dialog will appear.

  4. Enter a name for the dashboard.

  5. Select how many columns the dashboard should have.

  6. Set the data resolution by selecting 24h, 48h, or 72h.

  7. Select a sharing option.

    1. Private  – the dashboard is only available to you, the creator. 

    2. Public  – any user with access to your site can view the dashboard.

    3. Groups  – users in the groups you select in the Groups list can view the dashboard.

  8. If you made the dashboard public or shared it with groups, set the permission level to determine whether other users can edit the dashboard.

  9. Click Save. Your new dashboard is now available and ready for you to add widgets.