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Add an Alert Condition

Follow these steps to add an alert condition.


An alert needs one or more conditions to run. In the Conditions section of the Add Alert dialog, you use the Condition Builder to define the conditions that must be met to trigger the alert.

Conditions consist of a set of options for aggregating, comparing, and evaluating the data. The structure of the settings differs depending on the options selected in the Condition Builder.

There are two types of conditions.

  • Data Conditions: look for specific conditions to be met from the selected signals.

  • Status Conditions: look at whether the selected statuses or status types are active, inactive, or have occurred.

Add a data condition
  1. Click Add Data Condition on the Edit Alert dialog. The Condition Builder will open with the data condition fields.

  2. Select the type of calculation you want to use to summarize data (consecutive, average, or total).

  3. Select the type of calculation or comparison you want to use. If you selected any option other than No other devices in the Compare to field, then the last 3 options in this list (difference between, ratio between, sum of) will be available. If you select one of these 3 options, a new group of lists will appear for the devices that will be used for comparison.

  4. Select the signal you want to use for the condition. The units at the end of the condition will be adjusted depending on this selection.

  5. Select the value filter you want to apply.

  6. Select the value (or range of values) to use.

Add a status condition
  1. Click Add Status Condition on the Edit Alert dialog. The Condition Builder will open with the status condition fields.

  2. Select the type of status you want to use. If you select the Specific option, an additional field will appear in which you can select the status.

  3. Determine whether the alert should be triggered when the status type is Active or Inactive. For specific statuses, you can also opt to trigger the alert when the status occurs.

  4. Click Save.


You can add as many conditions as you want by repeating the steps above. All conditions must be met in order for the alert to be triggered.