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Greenbyte Documentation

Add a task

To add a task in Plan > Tasks:

  1. Go to Plan > Tasks.

  2. Click Add Task in the top right corner. An Add Task dialog will appear.

  3. Enter the title of the task (mandatory).

  4. Select the start/end date and time for the task from the date picker. (Optional)

  5. Select the category that applies to the task.

  6. Select the priority category. The available options are Low, Medium, and High.

  7. Select the assets to apply the task to.


    You can select "All" for tasks that are not associated with a specific device at a site, but rather the site in general (e.g., dust cleaning).

  8. Enable the Resolved toggle if you are creating a completed task. The Resolved toggle is disabled by default.

  9. Select any assignees to which the task will apply.

  10. Select which recipients should receive task notifications.

  11. Enable the Affects downtime if this task will affect downtime. The Affects downtime toggle is disabled by default.

  12. If this is a recurring task, select the recurrence frequency from the Repeat list.

  13. Select the end date of the recurring task.

  14. Add a description of the task.

  15. Click Save.