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Greenbyte Documentation

Add a Metadata Field

Metadata fields are useful for describing different aspects of your assets. The fields are customizable, so you can define the fields that make sense for your portfolio and workflow. For example, you can define metadata fields to describe the asset type, region, location, fund, or anything else. Metadata fields can be displayed in reports, and they can also be used to group your assets in the sidebar and device selector.

Metadata fields are text fields that can be created by Greenbyte administrators and are displayed in the Administrate > Devices > Metadata fields section. Metadata fields can also be displayed in reports.

To add a metadata field:

  1. Go to Administrate > Devices or Administrate > Wind Turbines.

  2. Scroll down to the Metadata fields section.

  3. Click Add metadata field in the top right corner of the section. The Add metadata field dialog will appear.

  4. Enter a title for the metadata field.

  5. Click Save.